by Diwata

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    There was a time, before time, when all was timelessness. An infinitesimal, eternal moment of now, felt and experienced as stillness.
    But then there was light.
    For all time since then, life has remembered and craved that stillness. Some lives have experienced it, for a time.
    Others have searched for lifetimes, and through the passion of their searching, through the fire of their living, they have filled up the stillness with the noise and movement of the ever questioning, ever searching mind, and their passion for the goal of stillness has been fueled by the noise they made for themselves, of themselves. And so, the quiet, inevitable voice of the timelessness was obliterated by the noise of their intellect. And their lives were full, and fully fueled. And the Universe knew itself anew through their reason, and the passion of their searching kept them quite busy, and great and miraculous things were believed, and tested, and proved, and built, and improved, and novelty replaced stillness in the fueling of their passion. For novelty was newness, and newness was exciting, and newness gave satisfaction and meaning to the noise with which they had filled the stillness, for a while.
    And novelty built on novelty, and as the novelty accelerated itself, the attainment of the stillness became more illusive... yet never beyond reach. And all the while, the novelty increased its frequency. Soon machines built machines to build machine bits, to make faster better more efficient machines, even quicker than last year, and the people celebrated their machines, and their intelligence, and their achievements among the stillness every day, as well they might, for they had created many miraculous and exciting things to fill up the stillness until bed time. And they dreamed a full and noisy and busy world for themselves, and they woke to noisy alarms, and listened to noisy news as they ate noisy cereal from noisy packets delivered to noisy supermarkets by noisy trucks, and they drank their instant coffee in their morning rush to work the work of building their noisy dreams... And every questions answer asked more questions than the first. And only the smallest number of living beings noticed, the stillness which still remained...
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Music for touching stillness. Recorded on location in my Yoga studio home over a period of months. "Even as only the still water casts a clear reflection, so it is with sound..."


released October 10, 2005

Yidaki (didgeridoo) by AJ aka Diwata, flutes by Woody, vocals by AJ and Tui Mamaku.



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AJ Hickling New Zealand

"Classical Piano to Cyber tribal world fusion with gypsy circus overtones"... AJ has traveled far and wide to record samples of custom tribal world music which are later woven into cross cultural musical tapestries, deep and soulful. His sound-scapes traverse New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Japan, Spain, Ireland, South America, Africa, and many remote South Pacific Islands. ... more

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