Evolving Rhythms vol. 3

by AJ Hickling

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    This is the latest collection of my life work. Thanks for sharing! I am absolutely humbled and blessed that the music of life finds its way to, and through me.The sounds that make up the tracks of this collection are mostly of an acoustic origin. Recorded, not synthesized, around bonfires at festivals, on beaches in the remote reaches of the South West Pacific after days and nights of sailing through starlight, phosphorescence and warm tropical winds scented with burning rubbish and tropical fruits. Much of the music was mixed on solar and wind power aboard a 63 foot sailing catamaran. Some was mixed in my "Treehouse Studio" in Marahau, following the World Rainbow Gathering when the musicians who came together there came to visit. The samples of Evolving Rhythms music have spanned many years, many miles and many people from many cultures. You all have my deepest thanks, for with you, who are not afraid to give, with you, who are not afraid to shine, I travel deeper into the mystery. Stepping into music, stepping into dance, is stepping into the Mystery, and here, we remember
    Before the dawn of the world, in the darkness before the dawn, even there, even then, was that which is Ancient. In every thing which has come since then, is the seed of the memory of the Ancient. The seed, when stirred, remembers. It remembers cycles, it remembers movements, times and places beyond our homes and dreams and imaginings. It remembers the dance. It remembers feelings and desires and the power of intentions. Colors and spirals and other worlds. Worlds of magic and power and connection and creation and freedom. It remembers, and it reminds us of our connection, of our Ancient. So then, may the seed be stirred. May it be that again we dance. May we awaken again in our spirit. May we awaken to the challenges that we collectively face. To our present expression on this planet at this time, may we all stand responsible, for that is what we are. All life plays out its days, a tiny, vital flash within the infinite spirals of the cycles of the ever Evolving Rhythms of the Ancient. From here, we all come. To here, we all return. All peoples, all races, all colors, all cultures. This is our time. Creation calls, with so much beauty..
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The third installment in the Evolving Rhythms audio project. Tracks composed of samples recorded on location throughout NZ, Australia and the South West Pacific.
The whole album was initially one seamless mix, but it's been broken down for the uploading / downloading of online culture - hence the abrupt ends and beginnings. It should fit back together if your player has a "no pause between tracks" option. Enjoy!


released March 3, 2010




AJ Hickling New Zealand

"Classical Piano to Cyber tribal world fusion with gypsy circus overtones"... AJ has traveled far and wide to record samples of custom tribal world music which are later woven into cross cultural musical tapestries, deep and soulful. His sound-scapes traverse New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Japan, Spain, Ireland, South America, Africa, and many remote South Pacific Islands. ... more

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